Walter D. Disney, M.S. LM FT, Disney Family Therapy

Disney Family Therapy - As a disabled veteran from thirteen years on the Navy SEALS Teams my body has gone through much overuse and many traumatic injuries, namely my chronic low back pain. I’ve lived with much discomfort, and it was getting worse all the time. I’ve experienced low back pain for 26 years due to my service. I had gone to other chiropractors who just tried to “force” the manipulation. They only made it worse. I had gone to the VA and was weary of them treating me exclusively with medications.
In a particularly painful episode, when I could barely walk or sit, I was recommended to see Dr. Brian Holdeman, R.N., D.C. His caring disposition and ability to treat patients with Active Release Therapy came with high recommendations. I went to Brian and he gently and skillfully cared for my body, restoring motion with cautious manipulation and relieved my pain!
Since I’ve seen Brian, his care and knowledge has restored health and movement to my body, regaining its vital condition. I can feel the vigor returning to my body. I have hope of mobility and productivity returning!
I cannot refrain from recommending Brian’s care. I truly feel a return to freedom in motion!

Neal A. Erickson, M.D, Kansas City Family Medical Care, L.C.

Kansas City Family Medical Care, L.C. - I have used Brian as a chiropractor referral for my patients for many years. Brian has tremendous ability to relate to his patients and help in their recovery process. I have worked with athletes in my practice from your weekend warrior all the way up to college, professional and Olympic level athletes. Brian has helped me with all of these types of patients in getting them back to play after injuries. I find his work to be outstanding. He is very efficient and thorough I believe that Brian uses the latest advances i care to get these people back to activity as soon as possible. I also believe his personal approach an d compassion are evident in his dealing with patients. I also find that Brian is very humble, knows his limits, and is always wanting to interact with providers as a team unit in order to find what is best for the patient. I would recommend him without any reservation for any patient with sports-related injury or chronic pain condition.

Christina Lahti, Digital Marketing Analyst

In 2011 I had multiple surgeries for bi-lateral carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome due to repetitive computer use that left me with permanent nerve damage in my left hand and chronic tendon damage in both of my forearms and elbows. I was unable to do simple things without pain such as use a computer, drive a car, or even drink normally because I could barely bend my arm. I went to 3 Orthopedic surgeons, but since I had already had the standard surgeries no one seemed to know of an alternate way to help me.I was eventually referred to Brian Holdman at Freedom in Motion KC. At my first visit Brian sat down and listened to my whole story. He said he was confident he could help me, and though skeptical I gave it a try.It has been a long road to recovery, but thanks to Brian I am nearly pain free and am able to do many things that I never thought i’d be able to do again. He’s a skilled professional with a heart of gold. To most Doctor’s these days you are a file or a number, with Brian you are a real person. He is the real deal and cares 100% about his patients. I would recommend him highly to anyone who suffers from a repetitive strain injury such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel. I just wish I had found him before I had those stupid surgeries. 🙂

David Parment, M.D., Internal Medicine, Hospitalist

As a physician and a marathon runner, I find Dr. Holdeman to be amazing in treating my multiple soft tissue injuries through his Soft Tissue Treatment. I had been to multiple other healthcare providers without any success for a nagging hip issue which was preventing me from running even a half mile. After three treatments with Dr. Holdeman I was able to run five miles without any pain. After several more treatments, I was able to get back on track for marathon training and recently completed my tenth marathon without any of the hip issues I have experienced in the past. Dr. Holdeman is gentle, kind, and clearly has a high moral character. He cares deeply about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone with a soft tissue injury.

Scott Luallin, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine; COS Carondelet Orthopaedic Surgeon, PA

Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine; COS Carondelet Orthopaedic Surgeon, PA - Dr. Holdeman has been a colleague of mine for several years and we have worked with numerous patients together. His care has been a very useful adjunct to, and often as primary treatment, for our patients. I even have had personal experience when I had “golfer’s elbow” that wouldn’t go away. After a few treatments with Dr. Holdeman, it was resolved. He couldn’t fix my “slice,” but at least it didn’t’ hurt!

Eugene F. Anderson, DDS, Dr. Anderson, D.D.S

Dr. Anderson, D.D.S - Nearly two years ago I was suffering from chronic back pain. I had been seeing Dr. Neal Erickson, M.D. with Kansas City Family Care for three years before that. After several consultations with regard to the various options that I had, Dr. Erickson recommended I see Dr. Holdeman. After the initial couple of treatments I began to notice considerable relief. For the first time in over a year I was again able to sleep on my back. I have been pain-free for the past year with only maintenance appointments with Dr. Holdeman once a month. All of this was accomplished with no drugs or medications.